Comm Cable Pendant Red Lace Necklace – SOLD


By Janine Schafer, Whimsy Skull Handcrafted Jewelry

This item is scheduled to be offered during our Independence Day online auction opening on 29 June and closing on 7 July. Check back here for updates and a direct link. In the meantime, press the button below to follow the Battleship Texas Foundation Ebay store.

This item was sold in our Independence Day online auction.

The pendant on this necklace is a thin section of communications cable stabilized in clear resin, which allows all of the colors of the internal wires and copper conductors to shine through. The copper wire enwrapping the pendant is extracted from the communications cable with Swarovski crystal accent beads on red crocheted ladder yarn necklace.

Bidding Starts June 29th, 10 AM

Item Specifications:

  • Length: 22 in
  • 1 oz