Damascus Chef Knife – SOLD


By Jared Langevin, Handcrafted by Jared Langevin

This item is scheduled to be offered during our Independence Day online auction opening on 29 June and closing on 7 July. Check back here for updates and a direct link. In the meantime, press the button below to follow the Battleship Texas Foundation Ebay store.

This item was sold through a Buy It Now purchase.

This knife is made from many layers. The core is 1084 high carbon steel. The Damascus cladding is 1084, 15n20, nickel, and steel from the Battleship Texas. The Damascus billet was forged, restacked, and forged again. With a layer count of 175, the billet was twisted and forged again. The Damascus cladding was then forge welded onto the core 1084 steel and drawn out to shape the knife.
The handle is Battleship Texas deck wood that has been stabilized with resin. The pins are rag micarta.
This knife comes with a lifetime warranty.

Bidding Starts June 29th, 10 AM

Item Specifications:

  • Made from Battleship Steel, Deck Wood
  • OAL: 13 in Blade: 8 in
  • 8.3 oz