USS TEXAS (BB-35) Aviation Painting – SOLD


By Dan Henderson, Dallas Maker’s Space

This painting is accompanied by a piece of blister steel and a piece of the long leaf pine deck wood from the USS Texas (BB-35). In this painting USS Texas is portrayed in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The year is 1919, and she is to become the first American battleship to launch an aeroplane. The aircraft is a Sopwith Camel being flown by Lieutenant Commander Edward O. McDonnell.
This painting was commissioned in 2015 by Texas Lone Star. It was framed by Tom Tansey at Premier Galleries in Argyle TX. The Battleship stamp in the torpedo blister steel was provided by Kelly Kring. Dan Henderson pulled all of the components together and commissioned the framing. It was finished on 15 December 2023.
This item was sold at the Battleship Regatta Auction hosted by the Houston Yacht Club.

For auction at the Battleship Texas Regatta, April 27-28th, 2024

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Item Specifications:

  • Made from Battleship Steel, Deck Wood