Navy Cockade and Battleship Texas Presentation Box – SOLD


By Heather Sheen, Creative Cockades

This item is scheduled to be offered during our Independence Day online auction opening on 29 June and closing on 7 July. Check back here for updates and a direct link. In the meantime, press the button below to follow the Battleship Texas Foundation Ebay store.

This item was sold through a Buy It Now purchase.

This gold and navy cockade uses the Navy’s color scheme, and has a glass ball containing fragments of wood, steel and brass from the ship.

Thanks for the opportunity to be a part of this project! My interest in the Texas was first sparked many years ago when my Texan grandpa took us on a tour of the ship. He passed away last March, but I know he would have “bust his buttons” to know his granddaughter was helping to restore the Texas!
Cockades (ribbon rosettes) are the lapel pins of the past. Before there were mass-produced metal buttons and stickers, there were cockades to show your support or affiliation to a cause. Since the Texas is a great piece of history, I thought it would be appropriate to create historical badges to honor her memory.

Bidding Starts June 29th, 10 AM

Item Specifications:

  • Made from Battleship Steel
  • Cockade Diameter: 3 in