BB-35 Charcuterie Board


By Will Salt, Salt Shaker Woodworks

This item is scheduled to be offered during our Independence Day online auction opening on 29 June and closing on 7 July. Check back here for updates and a direct link. In the meantime, press the button below to follow the Battleship Texas Foundation Ebay store.

This charcuterie board tells a story!
The main body is made from Texas Red Oak and has been put together in a herringbone pattern to represent ocean waves. The tapered border shows the direction of motion through the waves.
The USS Texas inlay is made from deck wood of the USS Texas itself. The shape may look unfamiliar but it is the outline of the hull below the main deck. This is an exact duplicate, in miniature, of the hull taken from an actual architectural drawing of the ship. There were voids in the deck wood from bolt locations and rot that had to be filled. This was done with a custom-colored epoxy.
The USS Texas served in WWI and WWII. The challenge coin made in her honor reflects this. The WWI side of the coin is aft of the stern showing that her service there is behind her. The WWII side of the coin is just aft of the bow because her service there is also behind her, but not as distant.
The official Texas State Seal is directly off her bow as she is heading home to Texas.

Bidding Starts June 29th, 10 AM

Reserve Price: $750
Buy It Now Price: $1499

Item Specifications:

  • Made from Deck Wood
  • 28 x 15 in