“Neptune’s Gift” Trident


By Randall Greer, RG Bladeworks

Neptune’s Gift stands as an extraordinary testament to naval history, meticulously crafted with elements from the USS Texas that resonate with the storied past of the seas. At the heart of this trident lies a head forged from reclaimed steel, a relic from a torpedo blister replaced during drydock – a nod to the ship’s resilience and evolution. The connection to the ship’s artillery is forged in the socket, crafted ingeniously from four nuts that once secured a formidable 5″ gun mount to the deck.
The staff and display stand, hewn from reclaimed deck wood stabilized with a vibrant blue dye-infused resin, evoke the very essence of maritime grandeur. This trident is not just a piece of memorabilia; it is a living relic, preserving the soul of the ship in every grain. The ribbons adorning Neptune’s Gift faithfully replicate those awarded to the ship, each narrating a chapter of its gallant service.
Tracing the top left and moving seamlessly to the right, Neptune’s Gift proudly displays replicas of esteemed awards: American Defense Service Medal with the coveted “A” device, American Campaign Medal, European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign Medal embellished with three stars, and Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Medal adorned with two stars. The triumphant journey continues with the World War II Victory Medal, Navy Occupation Service Medal featuring an “ASIA” clasp, Mexican Service Medal, and finally, the World War I Victory Medal.
The coins adorning this trident symbolize the essence of maritime service – representing the Navy, a Texas challenge coin, and an emblem dedicated to the Marine Corps, encapsulating the ship’s multifaceted role in naval operations.
A brass plaque proudly bears the ship’s moniker, “Mighty T,” alongside the resounding battle cry, “Come On Texas,” underscoring the trident’s tribute to the spirit of the USS Texas. On the right support, two small diamond-shaped pins add intricate detail – the red one featuring a sea horse and anchor, emblematic of the ship’s Marine Detachment, while the blue one with a red numeral 1 represents the 1st Marine Division activated aboard the Texas on 1 February 1941.
The durability and craftsmanship of Neptune’s Gift are further evident in the brass sleeve and the twisted spike at the staff’s end, crafted from 352 layers of 1095 and 15n20 steel, sourced from reputable vendors. Neptune’s Gift is more than a trident; it is a profound tribute to the indomitable spirit of the USS Texas and the valiant souls who sailed under its banner. Display this extraordinary piece with pride and let Neptune’s Gift stand as an enduring symbol of maritime legacy.

For auction at the Fall Artisans Auction, date TBD, 2024

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Item Specifications:

  • Made from Battleship Steel, Deck Wood
  • OAL: 48 in Blade: 6 in
  • 3.25 lbs