EDC Hunter and Sheath – SOLD


By Dan Girard, Girard Knives

This item is scheduled to be offered during our Independence Day online auction opening on 29 June and closing on 7 July. Check back here for updates and a direct link. In the meantime, press the button below to follow the Battleship Texas Foundation Ebay store.

This item was sold in our Independence Day online auction.

The knife is a Go Mai construction. Two outer layers of Damascus, two layers of pure nickel with a center core of 1084 high carbon steel. The handle is a combination of BB35 deck wood and dyed Buckeye burl with G10 liners. The wood was professionally stabilized by Terry Dunn of TNT Enterprises.
I started by cleaning the battleship steel and forging that out into usable flat stock approximately 1/8″x1 1/2″. I then layered that with a combination of 1084, 15N20 and nickel. This was forge welded together and drawn out to length. This process was done several times to achieve the layer count. This steel was cut into two pieces and used as the outer jacket. The outer jacket was layered with a pure nickel layer on each side and a 1084 core that was forge welded together.
The blade was shaped and profiled. Primary bevels were ground in before heat treating. Due to the volatile nature of this construction the steel under went a high temp normalization cycle followed by 3 grain reduction cycles before being hardened and tempered. Hardness testing indicated a Rockwell hardness of 58/59 after temper. After heat treat the bevels were completed and the tang was tapered for a reduction in weight.
The handle is a segmented, dovetailed construction with blue G10 liners for strength. I chose the coke bottle shape on the handle for ergonomics and hand feel.
The sheath was designed and constructed by Schooley Saddlery in Buffalo Gap Texas.
This is a one off custom design and will not be duplicated with these exact materials.

Bidding Starts June 29th, 10 AM

Item Specifications:

  • Made from Battleship Steel, Deck Wood
  • OAL: 9.5 in Blade: 5 in
  • 6.9 oz